Rip Ajax Sept 10 1980 Who Was the Culprit

Rap ajax 10 September 1980 Whose mistake?

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School is the most important stage of your life. Help you feel safe if innocent people are taken to a terrible place?

This figure shows the details of RIP Ajax on September 10, 1980. Here is another example of recently discovered:

AJAX left high school on September 10, 1980

Originally Ajaax, from Ajax, Heddri, whose friend is called him, was one of the most beautiful and best men of his generation.

He pretended to sit in the hallway with his friend and shoot. The victim did not say anything. However, I saw blood coming from his mouth.

He said it was an accident, but Tanya Brown was 17 years old.

Why was the Lysium canceled?

Ajak then died. Create conflict in the counter. Also, according to news sources, the number of students started decreasing. Experts closed the institution in 2013.

Adrian Pressa is a student shot of the spinner.

Spring Gearing was brutally murdered by a 16 -year -old student and in 2022, 58 -year -old Adrian committed suicide.

This is the result of an attempt to break all the rules. According to the school, this is a gun that can be taken to the school bag. And no matter how much struggle, his life could not be saved. He was also injured

A neighbor informed about the incident. Ajax’s death was not surprising in his lifetime. He fearlessly moved on the road with thieves and men.

Who is guilty?

In this thread, we know that Michael Joseph Pratt was convicted on September 10, 1980 for the murder of 18 -year -old Ajaks Pratt. The source of the build history of ajax agent is unknown.

Where are AJAX instructions?

Michael Joseph Pratap killed the head of Prussia, arrested at the age of 18 and behaved as adults.

Another 17 -year -old man has been accused of putting a licensed firearm.

The 1980 events have been forgotten, the suspect is missing today and it is impossible to control the progress of the work.

Students’ response and reputation

After this fierce incident, many colleagues and organizations gave another source to Tanya Brown student.

The director of the organization later said that the previous incident was an integral problem. Two kids were looking for answers to why Spinning High School closed.

Recent connection event

On February 15, 2022, the news of AJAX Pay news came online by a 14 -year -old student killing 18 -year -old classmates.

The incident at the high school was shocked by the students, but the name of the scalog has not been seen on the Internet. Because of this, they talk about shooting from AJAX, this is the state of the world.


September 10, 1980, this post, describes the Ajaks Link Spinning High School. It has now been sealed.

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